Thoughts: Athleta at New York Fashionweek

I’m not always the most fashion-forward chick at the gym- that stuffs expensive, lol! πŸ˜‰
not bad, not bad

But I LOVE workout clothes. Between teaching fitness classes and being a mom, clothes that can move with me and take a beating are essential really. And lucky me, we live in an era that abounds in cute workout wear that is very wearable.

off to be miss mommy! and no, I wasn’t the one training so beast as to break the gym mirror…

I was talking with someone recently about ‘blocky abs.’ This lovely individual already is pretty lean, so you can’t say, ‘oh it’s just a matter of getting your bodyfat down.’ That might be true a lot of the time, but what she was talking about was the shape of her midsection that was born out of the coupling of her genetics and her training style.

I’ll eventually do a post on lovely abs based on what I’ve learned from bodybuilding and what I did as a core-stability class instructor, but for now I want to focus on what’s going on inside this dear woman’s head.

She seemed to have a very specific picture of what her abs should look like. Forget that she’s already lean, healthy and beautiful. Her abs, she felt, were blocky. Maybe some modifications in how she trains could lessen said ‘blockyness.’

But more likely two other things would help her more:

1. Be a little less perfectionist. She was so busy counting what she ain’t got that she forgot to count what she does! Her math gets funny- she goes I don’t have the ‘dollar’ of tiny-teen-sized waist girth, so I must be down, a sad -$1.00 in the books. When really this woman is an abundance of riches- inside and out- so that, if she, really in all her subjectivity decides her abs are ‘too blocky,’ that dollar would hardly be noticed. She’s a gagillionaire of a person for Petes sake!

2. Be a little more open about what ‘beautiful abs’ look like. We kinda get stuck on one picture of beauty- but not everyone will look quite the same, even if making wonderfully healthful decisions. Between a person’s blend of genetics, training and nutrition there’s a ton of variability in what healthy looks like, and that’s wonderful. I’ll bet some other people would just gloat if they had her ‘blocky abs.’ Beauty is subjective- wrap your mind around that!

Ok, 3 things…

3. Be a little less hung up on beauty as the definition of ‘valuable’ ‘healthy’ or good. It’s true, of course, that beauty can be found in lots of unexpected places, and that things that popular opinion might scorn, are beautiful in different ways. At the same time, somethings aren’t beautiful and they can still be valuable, good, healthy, awesome, the best damn thing in the whole world! Isn’t that great? And don’t we feel a little bit better?

I started off talking about my needs in clothing, and then proceeded to muse about ‘beautiful abs.’ How am
I bringing it all together??

I don’t have to! Because Athleta did at Fashionweek!

I was taken by how wearable the looks were for your average gal about town. But even more so, I was loving that beautiful, fabulous women of all descriptions were making those clothes pop! and come to life. Some gals were classically model lean and lithe, some were strong and six-packed, some were curvy and voluptuous. And more strikingly, the focus wasn’t just on how the women looked in the clothes, but how they moved.

There was dancing.. I LOVE to dance- I got into dancing way too late or you better believe I would have been on that stage too!

What this format did is make the clothes about the woman, when TOO often the reverse is true.

Check-out Fitsugar for their summary of Athleta’s 2014 New York Fashionweek performance: here.

Do you have a favorite fitness fashion brand? How much do you wear your workout clothes- are they doing double duty?

I do own this amazing jacket from lululemon- it does everything, I’m a toasty inspector gadget in it!

What do you think about beauty as it relates to the mid-riff (this is the year of the crop top!)? Do you hate on your middle? What did you like or hate about Athleta’s approach?

definitely had the right idea as a little girl- brining back the matching laces-to-socks combo for my next gym visit

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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