Pregatini, or Sparkling Cranberry Mocktail

I was pregnant, it was summer, we had no air conditioning.

And I felt like a genius.

The pregatini!


Za Recipe:

1 cup Sparkling Water, preferably lime infused (mine was raspberry-lime)
1 cup Coconut Water
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Lotsa Ice

Give that baby a lil stir! Shake it, baby mama! (Errr or daddy, for your especial lady)

If you’ve got limes or lemons, throw in a few slices, for zing!

These days we’re abounding in mint outback, so I’d prolly toss in a few leaves.

What’s great about this little mixer is that it’s:

Alcohol free! Great for pregnant gals, calorie counters, folks not interested in getting buzzed for whatever reason, and yeah, bodybuilders.

But it feels oh so refreshing and oh so fun!

Plus it’s got coconut water- which has potassium and salt, making it a mild electrolyte replenishment.

If you’re preggo and sweating, that’s good news!

It’s lite on calories.

And the cranberry adds just a little something more. Did you know cranberry is said to be good for the digestive track?

When all is said n done it’s about 70 cals for a tall frosty glass 🙂

Maybe you can mix this up tonite! I mean, it is Saturday!

Enjoy!! And glow, mamas, glow!



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