All About The Bass Butt Building- For the Home and Time Bound!

I feel so lucky- ok blessed, that I have a gym where I can go, filled with all the barbells and bumper plates a gal could dream of. But maybe that doesn’t describe you. Or, at least for today it doesn’t. Maybe you just want to stay home. Mmmmmm, blanket….

But maybe you also want to build a rounded popping booty. In not too much time. What can we say? You want it all. Typical you.

Well lucky you, today you get it all. Yes, that’s right Mick.

It’s true. There’s nothing like heavy loads to break down those muscles fibers, but there are some exercises requiring no equipment that can be done from home that will definitely achieve intensity and butt building glory. Jk.

Ok so you will need some stuff, but if you live in any standard traditional western society you’re likely to have what you need. And therefore, get what you want. Strictly regarding the booty, I mean.

In all seriousness, I’ll do some of these moves at the gym, even with all those lovely bumper plates at my disposal. These moves are meant to pump em up. They’re good.

And I’m going to tell you now: this only takes 22 minutes. That’s the length of 1 sitcom. 1 ole re run and your butt be bubbling.

Just getting the photos for this one gave my glutes a nice pump. 😉

Here’s how it goes:

Grab something with which to time the workout. I use an interval timer app.
Set things up so you’re doing 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
On exercises that work only one side, proceed to the second side before moving on to a new exercises.

Don’t worry, I’ll write it all out in plain black and white at the end.


1. This first move is a variation on the high box step-up. Pick a stair that really makes you reach. Press deeply through your heel, contracting the working glute the whole time, squeezing at the top. Then lower the moving leg back down, keeping the working foot planted on that stair, heel digging digging in. Don’t move that foot from that stair, and repeat the motion. So you’re doing a crazy long lunge, pull through while contracting the glute, then back down. On the bottom end, kinda rock back into your hip to get a stretch and to increase the range of motion for the next rep. Do it for 50 seconds on one side, rest 10. Then switch sides.




2. This next move is a single-leg hip thrust. Using those stairs again, pick a decently high one and dig the heel of one foot into the stair, letting the other foot hang. Make sure your shoulders are flat against the floor, press into the working heel, squeezing your glute top-to-bottom of the motion as you lift your hip skyward. Keep your abdominals tight in order to support your back, lowering and lifting one vertebrae at a time. Do 50 seconds on one side, rest 10 seconds, and repeat on the second.




3. This next move is taking the last move up in intensity, an elevated single leg bridge. Instead of the stairs, you’re using a couch and a coffee table so that both your back and your foot are supported. Again, have one leg suspended, your butt also suspended between coffee table and sofa, then push through that heel and arc those hips. Squeeze your glutes together to propel the motion, and be sure to move through the whole range of motion, top to bottom. Rug to ceiling. The work comes through the range of motion, that’s why we’re elevating both your back and your foot. Adjust your back and shoulders as needed. Do 50 seconds on one side, rest 10 seconds, and switch on over to the other leg.





4. Were moving into the leg-lifts, starting with the kneeling donkey kick. At the gym I might hook myself to the cable machine, or jump into the butt blaster. To get the burn at home, simply squeeze those glutes the whole time, with an extra little umph as your heel hits the top of the arc. Don’t have your foot particularly flexed or pointed, let your foot go as it needs in order for you to find the most possible work in the glute. Start with your knee at your belly button, arc that leg, staying in control through the glute the whole time, and squeeze tight at the top through the glute and ham. 50 seconds on one side, rest 10, and switch to the second.




5. Next are the kneeling straight leg lifts with flexed foot Pick your leg, flex that foot, and squeeze that glute, as you lift and lower that foot to and from the floor. Keep your hips squared, and make sure the whole movement is nice and tight. Get a little extra room to at the top of the movement by squeezing your glute. 50 seconds on one side, 10 seconds on the other. Then switch legs.





6. Just a slight variation from the previous move, these are the kneeling straight leg lifts with pointed toe. Point that toe and lift your leg up and down, from floor to as high as you can get your foot while keeping your leg straight. Make more ‘room’ for the movement at the too not by bending your leg (a slight bend is ok), but by squeezing your glute. Your hips might open slightly at the top of the move. Do this for 50 seconds on one side, rest 10, then move to the second side.




7. The next is an oldie but a goodie: the clam shell.. Lay on one side, supporting your head in your hand. Lay your legs, one on top of the other, and bend those legs. Now you’re all set up. Squeeze those glutes tightly, and lift one leg while keeping the shape of the legs. Again, aim to to keep those glutes tight all the way through the outer and inner thigh area, letting your feet go where they need. Do 50 seconds on one side, rest 10, then do the next side.



8. The next move is a plié squat hold.. Channel that inner dancer, turn toes out, tuck your tummy, and squeeze your glutes as you lower towards the floor. Pull your thighs back by squeezing your glutes. Contract your belly button towards your spine to support your lower back- it’s important! Watch for any funniness from your knees too, and adjust accordingly. As you hold this isometric contraction, breath deeply, find your heart-center and dig deep! The pain is fleeting, let it go, and breathe!




9. Next in the isometric series is a wall sit. Lean up against a wall, and sink down while pushing your lower back to the wall. Contract those glutes and thighs. If your hips come off the wall that’s fine, whatever you need to do to get a lot of work out of the muscles.


10. Alright, keep contracting those quads and hammies! This next one is simply a single-leg wall sit. For this move, you remain in the seated position, pushing back against the wall, but lift one leg off the ground, focusing the intensity on one side. Hold for 50 seconds, rest 10, and proceed to the second side.


You have made it to the stretch! Well done, you!

For the stretch, do both stretches on one side before switching, and stretching the other side. Better flow, dude.

11a. For the first stretch, a cross legged glute stretch, start as if cross-legged, and bring one leg over the other, and hug your knee into the chest. As you feel the stretch, sink your glute towards the ground. Really feel it in your hip. Hold for 50 seconds, release 10, then continue on to the next stretch, in 12b.



11b. For the next stretch, what I’m calling a cross legged hip stretch, simply lower your knee to the floor to feel a deeper hip stretch. Fold yourself slightly over your legs to feel it even deeper in the hips. Hold for 50 seconds, release 10, and then repeat 12a and 12b on your other side.


Congratulations!! You’re booty is probably a leeeetle bit sore 🙂

Here’s the break down

Home Butt Building Workout

50 seconds on; 10 seconds rest

1. single leg step up x1 per side
(2 mins)

2. single leg hip thrust bridge on stair x1 per side
(2 mins)

3. elevated single leg hip thrust on couch and coffee table x1 per side
(2 mins)

4. kneeling donkey kick x 1 per side
(2 mins)

5. kneeling straight leg lifts with flexed foot x1 per side
(2 mins)

6. kneeling straight leg lifts with pointed toe x 1 per side
(2 mins)

7. clam shell x1 per side
(2 mins)

8. plié squat hold
(1 min)

9. wall sit
(1 min)

10. single leg wall sit x1 per side
(2 mins)

Do both in a row on one side, then do second side:
11a. cross legged glute stretch
11b. cross legged hip stretch
(4 mins) .

Total time: 22 minutes

Tell me, what’s your favorite booty building move?

Let me know how the workout goes! Enjoy!


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