Fast Fudgey No Bake Cookies

Sometimes I want chocolate stat.

But there is none to be found! And with reason- I tend to enjoy my cookies in batches rather than servings 😉

One of my all time favorite cookies comes from my mum. They’re these amazing peanut butter chocolate fudge oatmeal no bake cookies. Her recipe joined our family from this tattered Nazarene cookbook she got as a young 1960s hippie.

They’re omg good. She would make them in large batches, always bite-sized and plentiful in Tupperware. They were the go-to cookie
I’d bring to school or sports or social functions. We rarely returned with a crumb.

One of my hopes as a mom, as a human being I might say, will be to learn all of my mums unique and delicious recipes. She has this gift for making things just so. I don’t think Id feel I’d done my job as a mum myself unless my son also took these cookies for granted, as a given, a gooey piece of love like a chocolate hug showing up on his plate with predictable and pleasant regularity.

To make a whole batch is easy- I promise, I’ll show you how, very soon!

….But maybe not the best idea when I’m trying to cut down. You see, I’m also pretty health conscious, and having the full sugared and buttered versions around all the time may not jive with some of my other goals as a mum.

But to have one? Or maybe two? Now that’s something I can work into those macros. Phew! Chocolate ahoy!

I also polished it up a bit- made my microwave version a touch ‘cleaner.’ I still use sugar because I am having a cookie, but not a ton. Ya know, you could prolly use less than I do- cut down to 1/2tbl if ya like. Then you can feel extra good sharing these with little ones, or, if it’s been a bad day, by all means, it’s all yours.

They are just scrumptious. Healthy or not. And huge.. You could eat the whole serving at a solid 280calories- which I what I did for my 6th meal of the day- or still enjoy one (still ample!) at 140 cals. Because of the peanut butter and oats, they are quite satisfying- satiation achieved!

Ready?? Let’s go!

Fudgey No Bake Cookie in Minutes

1 tbl sugar (or sweetner of choice)
1 heaping tbl cocoa powder
Dash of salt
2 tbl apple sauce (or mushy banana- may need extra milk if using banana)
2.5 tbl milk of choice (I used almond)
1 tbl peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup dry oats (or cereal of choice- crushed up graham crackers is awesome!)

1. Combine sugar, cocoa and salt in a mug or bowl

2. Add apple sauce, milk and peanut butter, and combine well-ish


3. Microwave for 60-90 seconds, stirring once. This is the ‘fudge-making’ part. You want the ingredients to get to a bubble and to cook there briefly, bubbling and becoming cocoa peanut butter fudge. But you don’t want it to burn.


gotta test that fudge!

4. Remove from microwave, stir the fudge, then stir in vanilla and oats.

5. Form into either 1 larger or cookie, 2 smaller ones, or even 4 tiny ones. So I made three bowls of ours since everyone wanted some- lol- could have just made a regular ole batch 😉

6. You can either eat it warm and gooey, or throw it in the fridge for half an hour, or the freezer for 15-20 minutes.


these gooey lovelies are ready for the fridge!


Best part?? You can eat the whole darn batch if you want! I did!

280 calories . Boom.

Let’s all cheer, “Hooray!! Hooray!! Hooray for chocolate!!”

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