Fall 2014 Pastel Fitness Fashion Finds

I love aubergines, erm, eggplants. Pumpkins. Espresso. Oh my, fall flavors, smells and colors are just so toasty, warm, and deep.

So what on earth: pastels, you might be thinking. It seems to fly in the face of all that is Fallish and decent.

Really, pastels in fall seems to have been trending for a few years now.

I have to say though, this years the hues speak to me.

See for yourself here, thank you Vogue!

In Spring, pastels to me can feel a little, well, weak.

But in Fall, especially this year, they seem to exude a quiet energy, a Zen calm that wants to flow through my chakras.

They seem to borrow from ballet, the ocean, and other quietly powerful places.

What better inspiration for your Fall workout wardrobe! Make way, fiery orange red for the pinks and aquas.

So here you have it, my favorite pastel Fall fitness finds:

Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal in patina pink, whisper blue or tin grey

Freepeople Nightcap Foldover Legging

Nike Premontreal Racer shoe in medium mint

Nike Touch Breeze Running Tank in medium mint

Adidas Tech Super Rita Ora shoe in clear blue

How do you feel about pastels? Think you’ll incorporate some of this falls hues into your workout rotation?


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