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I’m a mom in love with her life, and this is a space where I can in a small way share that with others. I live, love, explore, laugh, and cry with- and am married to- my husband, and together were raising our crazy little one, hopefully with a two or three to follow.

I hope that anyone that follows this blog will witness my process of becoming a personal trainer, an NPC bikini competitor, and hopefully one day an IFBB pro athlete.

Health and wellness are a passion, but I like to look a little deeper. It’s about human embodiment and meaning for me. Any journey towards health that is holistic and lasting ultimately compels a person to look inward and outward, and to ask themselves the big questions. I think that’s easier understood when witnessed, and that’s my hope for this blog.

In other words, health and fitness, I believe is 10% your workout, 10% your nutrition, and 80% heart mind body soul.

Maybe you’ll see my personal attempt at that journey. Maybe you’ll have an insight to share, or maybe you’ll walk away with something for yourself. Either way, I’m so glad were sharing this little slice of internet in this little moment of life.


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