Progress Pictures!

Hey All!!

It’s been a while since my last post- I’ve been working my booty off in the off season and now I’m about 16 weeks out from my first show!!

I am hitting the weights 6 days, and still have plenty of carbs.

Here’s where I stand!




Right now I have lots of recovery time and calories to keep building out that physique.

Stay tuned for more progress pics!! I


Awesome exciting news 🙂

I get to start working with a coach again to guide my preparations for the stage!

I am SO thrilled!

Physique competition prep is so challenging to accomplish solo.

This is happening by pure gift from people who love me and believe in me.

My coach is just as sweet as can be and I can tell she’ll have my back with the mental rigors of prep- and that’s a huge part of the battle!

Check back to watch me prepare and plan- I’m feeling ambitious, so expect something awesome 😉

Have you ever competed, or thought about it? What was your experience?

What big hairy fitness goals do you have?



Learning From Arnold

Ok so most of my associations with Arnold Schwarzenegger were um, corny at best.

Until I wanted to pack on muscle. Then I got it.

For all his machismo and arrogance, the guy was one of the best at putting on muscle. As an aspiring bodybuilder, I saw him in a whole new light.

Putting on muscle is hard. You gotta respect people who pour sweat and blood into something, and get great results.

Ladies, don’t be afraid of lean mass. This stuff looks good.

Here is an article on the T-Nation website about some lessons from Arnold’s training that are spot-on.

I was particularly interested in the ‘pump’. I love getting a good pump- and apparently that’s a very good thing for muscle growth. So basically training at high weight and low reps and high reps and low weights and then medium weights and reps all deliver benefits.

My favorite muscle group to work, grow, and yeah, pump? Dem glutes.

Here is a great set of glute pumping workouts from Bret Contreras, the ‘Glute Guy.’

The other big take away from the Arnold article is the power of the mind. Do you ever find yourself just going through the motion? Just moving that weight around? Well to really activate that muscle, try visualizing it working, growing. Connect the movement to your goal in doing that movement- this will encourage to squeeze harder, as well as actually improve your minds connection to that muscle, allowing you to lift more.. More lifting means more gains, brah. Here’s an article from psychologytoday that goes into greater detail on how to practice that mind-body connection when lifting.

Who motivates you to get fit? Do you have a strength training hero?


New Sneaks

If I had it my way I would have a closet just for sneakers.

And the newest trends in fitness wear are making it harder to resist pouring our savings into the hands of nike and new balance.

I kid, I kid. Kindof.

Here is an awesome slideshow from Self that spotlights some pretty crave worthy offerings this fall in the sneaker department.

Wallets, batten down the hatches. I kindof love all of these- you?


Female Bodybuilding

I think a lot of people aren’t sure what to make of women who lift weights.

Seeing a lady load up a bar with a good amount of iron can still generate a lot of attention at your average gym. At least at the 4 gyms I’ve trained at in the past 6 months, I know my workouts were always watched.

More and more, fortunately, it’s becoming normative, at least it seems, for women to strength train, which is aaaaamazing.

I think really there isn’t a wrong way to workout- I mean, barring anything unsafe. If you want to run a bunch, run. Yogi? Yay!

But I’m really excited that more women, including myself, are dialing in on the awesomeness of heavy lifting.

What I love about it is the focus on building up the body- where so often female fitness is about tearing it down.

As I’ve dived into the world of bodybuilding, however, I see that the sport is trying to redefine itself to be more informed by women’s goals, fitness needs, and tastes. I mean, most people I’ve talked to about bodybuilding think 1) it’s about getting giant and manly and 2) I must be just doing jump squats and using weights under 15lbs because I don’t look big and manly.

Not true! Bodybuilding does for the body what salt does for food- it accentuates it’s natural flavor 😉

Whether you want boulder sized muscles (after years and years of work…) or to be shapely fit and lean, lifting will help get you there.

I stumbled across this awesome manifesto regarding women and bodybuilding. Please go give it a read!

If you’re a bodybuilder, a fitness enthusiast or an insightful outsider, tell me, what do you think? What do you think about the emerging focus on strength training for women in the fitness industry?

Do you think you could embrace female bodybuilding?


Arm Blow Up on the Bosu Ball

For today’s lift sesh I tossed my arms a curve by using the bosu ball. I had been doing the same sorta routine for a while and so I went an entirely different direction.

The swell in my shoulders was so big that I thought my skin would rip! I was not expecting that. I credit the bosu ball!

I’m really not trying to be all ‘bro’- that’s really how it felt!

Seriously, use that bosu for push-ups and planking- takes things to a whole different level!

What I did: IMG_1149.JPG

Leg Day, Ashley Kaltwasser inspired

Get it Ashley Kaltwasser!

Miss Ashley took the title in Bikini at this years Olympia for the second time in a row, a first for someone in the division! She worked hard, and is an inspiration.

And what is she particularly renowned for?? (Besides her charisma, energy, perseverance)

Her glute training!

This tough cookie knows how to train em!

So today’s glute-focused leg workout was inspired by this Ashkey K leg workout.

Here’s mine:IMG_1124.JPG

Care to give it a go? What do you do to blast your glutes?

And what did you think of the Olympia 2014 results?


Fall 2014 Pastel Fitness Fashion Finds

I love aubergines, erm, eggplants. Pumpkins. Espresso. Oh my, fall flavors, smells and colors are just so toasty, warm, and deep.

So what on earth: pastels, you might be thinking. It seems to fly in the face of all that is Fallish and decent.

Really, pastels in fall seems to have been trending for a few years now.

I have to say though, this years the hues speak to me.

See for yourself here, thank you Vogue!

In Spring, pastels to me can feel a little, well, weak.

But in Fall, especially this year, they seem to exude a quiet energy, a Zen calm that wants to flow through my chakras.

They seem to borrow from ballet, the ocean, and other quietly powerful places.

What better inspiration for your Fall workout wardrobe! Make way, fiery orange red for the pinks and aquas.

So here you have it, my favorite pastel Fall fitness finds:

Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal in patina pink, whisper blue or tin grey

Freepeople Nightcap Foldover Legging

Nike Premontreal Racer shoe in medium mint

Nike Touch Breeze Running Tank in medium mint

Adidas Tech Super Rita Ora shoe in clear blue

How do you feel about pastels? Think you’ll incorporate some of this falls hues into your workout rotation?