PumpedUP Education Series: Mini Bulk / Cut Cycles-Is It Worth It?

Mini bulking! Anyone try it? I did a 6 week bulk, saw a few gains (shown in my lifting numbers), and am now on to cutting. Not a bad plan, especially if you went a bit overboard on your bulk and need to clean things up 😉



When training it is quite common for people to partake in two phases in the quest for the holy grail of muscle! The first being a bulking phase. A bulking phase involves training hard and eating a caloric surplus. This is continued until a goal weight is reached or too much body fat has been accumulated.

The next phase is the leaning down phase (i.e. cutting / dieting). The aim of this phase is to rid yourself of the body fat you have accumulated during your bulk and reveal the dense lean muscle tissue you have grown during your bulk!

The amount of time spent in each phase varies depending on the person, however it is common for bulking periods to last 6 months to a year followed by months of dieting (depending on how much excess fat was gained).

Matthew and I have recently come across a concept that…

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What to Do, Leftover Fruit??!

My eggwhites and oats are just not complete without toppings.

I love toppings.

Yes, it’s like a thing for me. Toppings. Maybe it’s growing up in the age of self-serve frozen yogurt shops, but it just makes eating egg whites and oatmeal something fun, like making an ice cream sundae.

So what happens when our fruit gets old? Well, a quick compote of course!

And I mean quick.

My cooking took a distinct turn when I became a mom. I use the microwave all the time.

Munchie never wanted me to put him down so cooking was a challenge to say the least. I tried nursing and stirring- not great results…

So I embraced that enemy of the slow cooking foodist and microwave almost everything. 🙂

Today I had pluots and apples that were a breath away from a sour moldy death. That’s too many pennies wasted for this stay at home mom, thank you.

So I chopped them fruits up, tossed them in a bowl, and ‘sweetened’ ’em up with some raisins and dried mango.

Microwaved that baby for like 6 minutes, stirring every couple.

And here I have a lovely compote, pie like topping for my oats. And no food waste.


I know ZERO about canning, so I can’t say how safely or longly or howeverly to preserve something like this. I know between my yogurt today and my oats tomorrow this stuff will be gone by the time you read this. 😉



Training Women CEU’s

Yep!! Love the anecdote at the end about high school girls squatting 215! I Can’t Wait to get there myself. So many women just diet diet diet, but how can you ever grow new muscle?? Right now I’m enjoying a season of energy, food, power and strength. There’s a time to cut down- and a time to power up ladies 🙂


Definitely trying this myself! When living in the UK I enjoyed muesli all the time- they just don’t get it right state-side. It’s SO satisfying. I’ll post when I make it myself 😉

Thanks Fitness On Toast!


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GAPMuesli makes up an absolutely core part of my daily nutrition; it’s the raw calorific breakfast overflowing with the essential vitamins & minerals to fuel me for the day ahead. I’m not talking about pre-fabricated supermarket-sourced muesli which tends to be long on sugar and short on nutrients, but something altogether more bespoke and nourishing. Regular readers with a long memory may recall my Uber-Muesli‘ post containing the first version of my ever-evolving muesli recipe. Then followed some tweaks in ‘Perfecting the Uber-Muesli‘. Now, a full 14 months on, I thought it was time for an update post to show a few more tweaks to better reflect my latest understanding! This post contains all my latest thinking on the current edition and it’s 10 key ingredients; my ‘Maxi-Muesli’ !

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