Ok, so these aren’t FAQs I’ve received from starting this blog, but rather the Qs I’m asked most often as I go about my life. But by all means, if you DO have a Q for me, let me ask you to send it my way!

Q: How else can we connect?
A: Find me at instagram@chloe_aglitterofgreen 🙂

Q: How old are you?
A: Mid-twenties. I had chocolate-chip pancakes and coffee for my last birthday breakfast. See?


Q: Where do you work?
A: Currently I’m at home with my son. I always envisioned that Id be this power-mama, heading off to my nonprofit etc etc. Then I became pregnant and I felt all mushy inside at the thought of not being home with my son 🙂 Previously I did work as a Center Director at a nonprofit, for like a year, after grad school. I also taught Zumba, and a core-stability dance-based floor workout… Get my drift? I’d love to be officially certified to teach Pilates and yoga, and to be a personal trainer. I also want to be a mama to MORE.

Q: Are you married?
A: Yes!! To my college sweetheart. We met at the library, and it was about as close to love at first sight as things can get I think. We’re on 5 years now- some of them better than others, but each one priceless. My husband is one of those rare people who is both a philosopher and a scientist in his approach to life. He’s poetic and mathematical, without either part compromising the other.



He makes mocha brownies!

Q: Ya got kids?
A: Yep, one precious little boy. I know everyone says this about their kids, but you’d just LOVE him if you met him. He’s almost two and loves trains, Mickey, reading, sea animals and just going all the time.



Q: Where do you live?
A: Currently, not too far from Chicago. Here we are at Lincoln Park Zoo!

Q: Did you go to school?
A: Oh did I. I studied Theology in undergrad, and received a Masters in Historical and Systematic Theology. Go figure.

Q: You must workout all the time?!
A: Depends what that means to you, really. I do about 6 hours of exercise each week at this point, most of that strength training. Its true that maybe I would work out all the time, but frankly, there’s a lot more to life! All the same, I have my Zumba certs, and taught that for like 1.5 years, have a light dance background and have run several races. It’s a passion, what can I say?



Q: What’s your eating like?
A: Never static. At times I get strict for the wrong reasons. At times I eat too much for the wrong reasons. Don’t you? Other times I’m sticking to the clean ‘bro foods’ as they’re called- lean proteins, fruits, veg, complex carbs, heart-friendly fats- in order to further my personal fitness goals. But I also enjoy cupcakes, popcorn, brownies, my moms best-in-the-whole-world pies, and chocolate wherever it may be found. And ice cream. Ice cream with cereal, it’s awesome. Really there’s a place for everything in your diet, it all works together to make you healthy and happy if understood and respected for it’s purpose. Please, don’t starve yourselves. 🙂 On most days I eat 6 different meals- I hate feeling hungry, and this is working for me right now. Here’s the carrot-coconut cake I made up for Easter this year. You bet I had two hulking slices and regret deeply not writing down the recipe!

Q: What else do you enjoy?
A: At the risk of sounding cliche, I enjoy travel, reading, and drinking tea and coffee. I’m also a pretty dedicated cook. My favorite coffee comes from I Have a Bean, favorite teas are from Fortnum and Mason– maybe for nostalgic reasons. Aaaaand right now I’m engulfed in Les Mis. Oh, and I’ll travel anywhere anyhow given half a chance. Most recently we took a train across country to the Big Easy, pure magic.

Q: I see you included some links in your blog- are those paid?
A: Nope! I’ve included those links because I love the places they take you- I include them to help you, dear Reader! If the companies and sites I LOVE ever offered to pay me for that link, I wouldn’t say no (and might just be living the dream!). But I would never discredit myself by endorsing something that I don’t actually love or trust… I want every link out to be truly quality :). That being said, I am open to reviewing products or sites, but I’ll always do so honestly. No guarantees. If I love it, I’ll share; if I hate it, I won’t. Easy peasy.

Q: Can I use your stuff? (Pictures, info, etc. basically, anything on this blog?)
A: If you want to share my stuff for non commercial purposes, please, be my guest! But please attribute it to me, provide a link, something. Ya know, integrity 🙂 If you want to use anything for commercial purposes, please, talk to me first, get my express approval. Thanksamillion, and thanks in advance for helping keep this world a friendly, kind place 😉

Q: Got dreams?
A: Every day. I already talked a bit about some of my goals to teach fitness classes and personal train. I would dream however of being a legit NPC competitor. I bust my butt in the gym to make this happen. I can’t afford a coach right now so it’s a daunting undertaking! I would also love to have my own studio focused on a holistic and kind approach to health and wellness. I also have this idea of a nonprofit that raises awareness regarding the importance of the kinds of words we use with our kids. Word Power, maybe. How bout you? Got dreams?

Do you have any questions for me? Let me know- I would love to connect! And hey, if you like what you see, go ahead, share the love. XOXO

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