The Family That HIITs Together

Here’s the HIIT routine my hubby and I did together while our dear toddler ran between our legs 🙂 We were all cracking up, and sweating. IMG_0870.PNG

Let me know if you give it a whirl!



Play With Your Kids, Play As a Family

It’s fun :)!!




For our time together as a family, we went to the park. Despite the chill and the drizzle.

We ALL played around a bit:




Do you get out and moving as a family? If not, what’s stopping you? Time as a family doesn’t need to be fancy- just fun. And it’s as fun as what you bring to the table 🙂


Butterflies by the Lake

This past Saturday I was in sorry need of some butterfly therapy, and thankfully Munchie was game.

rockin out in the car, or, at least I was

So we headed out to the local butterfly pavilion. I sincerely hope your town, city, province, region has one or will get one soon. Cheesy, maybe, but oh so right.



There’s just something so soothing about all those beautiful flowers and these whisp-like lovelies feathering around your head and ankles. My tot was smitten.



He kept running around after them…


…upsetting their nectar dinners as he tried to touch them…


We read about the little life-cycles of these magical creatures:

Then we checked for stow-aways and said good bye to the butterflies.


Just past the red barns and around the bend we stumbled upon this little scene:

In his usual fashion, Munch dove right in:



And then we did a bit of climbing:




I love places like this that give little urbanites a chance to get closer to nature, to see what it’s all about.

After messing about on these for a bit,

he was ready for the real stuff: ‘let’s go see nature’ he said.

And so we did.




He was thrilled to discover this little lake, all set up for a visit from a mama and son on Saturday afternoon jaunt.


It was hot, and approaching dinner time, so we took off.

But couldn’t help pulling off at the farmers stand on the way home. The late-summer bounty, rounded out nicely by the first fruits of Fall were a feast of senses.




If you read my post about our typical breakfasts, you can imagine how pleased I was to find this ‘no-sugar’ added beauty:

perfect on those eggy-oats, protein pancakes, greek yogurt or whatever an aspiring bodybuilder may need to spruce-up!

In the end we got the preserves, two Tango Apples for the road, and a beautiful box of juicy heirloom tomatoes.

Those tomatoes were lucky to make it home, they were as sweet and flavorful as candy. We weren’t even done paying and Munch and I were helping ourselves!

And you know what, everything just seemed clearer after our little trip.

Sometimes you have to let go of things from yesterday to make room for something beautiful today.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re in need of lightening up, needing to let go of something, find your way to a butterfly pavilion. Those little creatures are surprisingly good at helping you out with heavy loads 🙂


Friday Night Eats

Last Friday we had dinner with my lovely parents.

We picked up a rotisserie chicken; fresh gazpacho; spinach, berry, and feta salad with balsamic dressing; oh, and Munch wanted a bit of lemon-dill pasta. Sure kid, whatever you like 🙂

Dessert was a bowl of chocolate we passed about.

Friday night dinner can be both healthy and fun; community-building and nutritious.

The bodybuilding lifestyle does not need to be isolating- healthy, beautiful food is something everyone can enjoy!



Meal #5, using my old Kale

Sometimes the baby kale starts to turn before I can use it as a fresh salad. You too?

Our garden is burgeoning with mint and chives, so they helped out:



Munch helped pick the herbs, which revved him to eat them at dinner.

We added baby portobellos, pulled chicken, and for my son some lemon-dill pasta.

Away into that microwave!




Kale salvaged, belly filled.


Toddler Wielding the Mighty Marker

Entertaining a nearly two-year old can be oh so simple, despite their myopic attentions spans, their ‘creative’ use of whatever you give them (‘please don’t eat that’ might be our motto), and the frustration they feel when they want to do more than they’re yet physically capable of.

It takes just a few simple things to wade these parenting waters, suit up!

1. Patience- be ready for a mess. Be ready to have a plan that takes a turn. Be ready to hold off on ‘no’ until you’ve really thought about it- if you hang your shoulds, there might be a lot more ‘yes’ in your life. Sometimes a simple switcheroo can stand-in for a direct and toddler-jarring ‘no.’ These kids have barreling energy and intention- a no is like a brick wall. Wouldn’t you cry if you constantly were running into brick walls? A nice switcheroo directs that energy right past the danger zone and into something fun. You’ll see what I mean in a minute…

2. Simplicity- toddlers have a TON they’re learning and putting together. It doesn’t need to be fancy to be riveting. I remember when I absently started writing out the alphabet while ‘ABC’ was sung on Pandora radio. My son looked like the clouds had parted and God was smiling upon him. That song and those squiggles go together. He’s never looked back- sometimes his ‘lovey toy’ is a puzzle-piece of the letter ‘a.’ So think, what’s something simple that you take for granted as a given, that a toddler might get a real kick out of?

3. And for today: markers from the dollar bin at Target.

When we play with markers, we mean business. Sure, I didn’t want him writing on the walls, but we found some other fun surfaces for our ‘worlds most washable markers’:



I washed most of it off his face 🙂


Nonetheless, our markered limbs got us a few glances while we were out n about.

the red scribble he called ‘grandma with a fish’

Easy peasy fun on a tired day.

yawning, not roaring if you’re wondering

It’s funny- thinking about Munchie’s feelings when he hears ‘no’ all the time gets me thinking about how I feel when I tell myself ‘no’ all the time. No, you’ll never pull that off. No you can’t move that weight. No, it’s too much for you to pass on cake again. No you’ll never be a real bodybuilder. It’s exhausting!

Like with Munch, for me the better approach is sometimes to find something to which I can enthusiastically say ‘yes!!’ So while it may not fit my goals right now to have a giant bowl of ice cream, I can find things that will help me get what I’m needing. Do I need fun? Yes, tv! Do I need to relax? Well put down that broom young lady and cuddle up to that couch! Do I feel lonely? Call, hell, even text someone, anyone! Am I just HUNGRY? Maybe drink some water, and bust out that amazing mango salsa and some veggies- that will tie you over till you eat next.

here we are, a little more put together- shoulders coming along… Boy I’d love to compete!

How about you- what’s your approach to ‘no’? Do you always tell yourself no? Or have you found ways that you can say yes, while sticking to your goals, fitness- health- nutrition- or otherwise?

Also, did you enjoy coloring as a kid?

I once thought to draw a beautiful landscape of hills and trees and birds across our entry wall when I was little. My parents were less pleased with my handiwork than I was 😉