Arm Blow Up on the Bosu Ball

For today’s lift sesh I tossed my arms a curve by using the bosu ball. I had been doing the same sorta routine for a while and so I went an entirely different direction.

The swell in my shoulders was so big that I thought my skin would rip! I was not expecting that. I credit the bosu ball!

I’m really not trying to be all ‘bro’- that’s really how it felt!

Seriously, use that bosu for push-ups and planking- takes things to a whole different level!

What I did: IMG_1149.JPG


Leg Day, Ashley Kaltwasser inspired

Get it Ashley Kaltwasser!

Miss Ashley took the title in Bikini at this years Olympia for the second time in a row, a first for someone in the division! She worked hard, and is an inspiration.

And what is she particularly renowned for?? (Besides her charisma, energy, perseverance)

Her glute training!

This tough cookie knows how to train em!

So today’s glute-focused leg workout was inspired by this Ashkey K leg workout.

Here’s mine:IMG_1124.JPG

Care to give it a go? What do you do to blast your glutes?

And what did you think of the Olympia 2014 results?